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Modern design fittings in resin TRANSIT by SANICO
Modern design sanitary ware in resin TRANSIT by SANICO

Silky texture and expressive shapes

A series ofcontemporary design bathroom fittings -bidets and lavatories- that combine porcelain and STONEFEEL®.

STONEFEEL®, a mineral resin which fuses with porcelain to convert into a single, solid piece in which both materials contribute their special qualities: porcelain gives cleanliness and hygiene and STONEFEEL® provides the silky finish and ability to form shapes that are almost impossible to achieve in porcelain.


Lavatory discharging horizontally to tank and waste-pipe configuration within rear wall.

Lavatory with a tank allowing discharge either horizontally or vertically. The tank includes a Geberit mechanism.

Lavatories, with interiors made of hygienic porcelain,and bidets both made in white, cream-coloured and anthracite STONEFEEL® .



Nacho Lavernia and Alberto Cienfuegos