Lavabo de diseño en resina mineral CITY de SANICO
Lavabo de diseño en piedra natural CITY de SANICO

Light, lineal, essential ... AWARD!

One-piece bathroom vanity washbasin for wall-hanging or countertop. Fixing system and glossy chrome free drainage valve included.

Two symmetrical models: with the countertop either on the right or on the left. Available in two versions for single lever and wall taps.


STONEFEEL®: white, cream and anthracite.

STONEFEEL® is a high quality resin, developed by SANICO. It is strong, easy to clean, and has a very special, smooth finish that is pleasing to the touch.

Also available in natural stone: white “Carrara” marble satin honed,cream “Loja” marble satin honed or blue “Bateig” stone. 


Nacho Lavernia and Alberto Cienfuegos