6.1.- Orders will be delivered either through DHL or UPS, except in such cases that the dimensions or weight require the use of a specialised transport company.  It is possible that your order may be delivered in more than one delivery, due to the nature of the products chosen.

Deliveries will always be made during working hours

6.2 .- In the record of each article a delivery date will always appear for standard products and for those which are customised and marked WE DO FOR YOU.  We will always try to serve your request in the shortest possible time (even before the deadline) and you will always be advised in advance of the delivery plan for your order, or for any delay in delivery, if applicable.


7.1 .- Delivery is always understood as to be completed at street level, in other words to the ground floor of any building, near a road and accessible to a carrier.   If delivery site conditions fail to match the foregoing, you should advise us accordingly by filling in the space provided on the ordering form, so we can evaluate the delivery implementation and any additional charges. Should such costs be chargeable, we will communicate them in our acceptance e-mail and they need to be paid at the time of the order confirmation in order for it to be valid.  It is possible that we will be unable to accept the delivery conditions proposed in your request but, in such circumstances, we would always let know you by email.

7.2 - Additional costs will apply also in the following circumstances:

1.     If you communicate a change in delivery address with insufficient time or when the order has been shipped.

2.     If the shipment is found to be more expensive because of known, but unreported, circumstances at the time of the order.

3.     If delivery is not possible and has to be returned due to access problems (e.g. by narrow doors, inaccessible stairs, etc.) or because the products do not fit in the place where they should be located.

4.     If, at the agreed delivery time, there was no adult person present to sign the transportation agency´s delivery note and the item had to be returned and resent.

Remember that you can avoid most of these expenses by warning of any special conditions in your place of delivery, or by informing us as soon as possible of any circumstances that might affect product delivery.  This is especially important for large or heavy items, or those particularly sensitive to transportation (such as bathtubs, shower trays, screens or pedestal sinks, pe).

7.3  For bulky or heavy products which cannot be delivered to an address due to inaccessibility or other difficulty, you need to communicate (within 7 days of first attempted delivery) of an alternative address where they can be delivered.  If we have not received this communication within the specified 7 days, we may cancel the order and implement a handling fee of 20% of the order, plus transport costs, which under no circumstances can be refunded.

7.4  Such cancellation, due to the impossibility of delivery, may also apply when delivery has proved impossible on more than two occasions due to the causes mentioned in clause number 7.2.